Angel Rodriguez around the web..

In addition to being the webmaster for variety site NYCTalking, Social Issues site and his music site, Angel also has weekly columns and guest posts on several popular sites. Please feel free to check out any of his other online work. Angel Rodriguez has also been featured on travel magazines, Local Newscasts, and even fitness magazines. Keep an eye out, you never know where he’ll show up next!

NY1 – The Call

Angel “ARodomus” Rodriguez was on The Call with John Schiumo discussing gun control in NYC.

Yahoo Contributor Network – Yahoo Voices

Is Seattle the next Detroit?

Gothamist –

Angel Rodriguez had video footage used and was quoted in a recent article by the Gothamist. A man was found by a train operator underneath the tracks! Alive! Amazing story.

The Examiner –

Angel Rodriguez was featured on the for his performance of “Walking down the street” at The Big Apple Indie Music Series.

The Rendezvous Show with Alysia and Cris –

Meet Evan Ginzburg!

The big apple indie music series and Talent Army promotions on TRS.

Sylvana Joyce on having an image.

Jon Landers and The Big Apple Indie Music Series

Big Daddy Kane and Las Supper – Show Recap

Meet Mob doll Amy Hanley – Show Recap

Meet Brandon Hilton – Show Recap

Triple threat energy shot – Show recap

Angel interviews the hosts Alysia and Cris

Clash Daily with Doug Giles –

Women’s right to bare breast.

The voice of murdered Aussie Chris Lane.

Council woman Elisa Chan and her anti-gay views.

NYC makes the city safer for criminals.

California Governor endangers young girls with unisex bathrooms.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

That’s what happens when you disagree with an Atheist?

Stevie Wonder and friends vs. Florida and Stand your ground!

The term hate crime is a joke!

Jim Carrey apologizes to gun owners?

Judge awards sole custody of 6 year old girl to a convicted pedophile.

Are sufficiently criminals punished for crimes committed while BEHIND BARS?

Lil Wayne disrespect the American flag!

Can George Zimmerman get a fair Trial?

Teachers raise your kids? What?

Violence sans guns!

Obamacare and guns!

Benghazi copouts!

Real Terrorist Professors at Ivy League schools.

Gun Grabbers.

Ridiculous legislation.

Police hypocrisy.

Media hypocrites.

Maya Angelou and gun rights.

Child rapists

Featured in Hong Kong Travel Magazine

nyctalking hong kong

Gun Rights Magazine –

NYC and self defense.

Seattle Mayor vs. Gun rights

Latino Rebels –

Film review of “La Mission”.

Rand Paul as a Latino candidate?

NYC Wireless scan stop and frisk

Mainstream media and missing the point.

Interviewed the 2003 Phantom of the Opera Howard McGillin


Being Latino –

Reviewing Gotham City Improv.

Song Feature: You Inspire me

Poetry Feature: Dear Momma

Sofrito for your soul –

Book review of Piri Thomas’ “Down these mean streets”

Hostelbookers –

Number 4 feature on NYC Travel Guide

Featured on Men’s Fitness

arodomus mens fitness

Conservative is cool –

Racism and prejudice swings in all directions.

Angel Rodriguez around the web..

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